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Jan 052014

Did you know that fermented foods have been produced by people all over the world for thousands of years? Local resident Roslyn Bono of Wellbeing for Life shares the how and why of fermented foods with Carindale Connect. Roslyn is also running fermented food workshops in Mansfield (details at the end of this article).

Fermented foodFermented food basics

Egyptian tomb murals from 4000 years ago show the production of quark, a soft fermented cheese. Kefir grains used to ferment milk have been traced to the Caucasus Mountains 5000 years ago. The Chinese people were fermenting cabbage 6000 years ago. By chance and deliberate action, people used fermentation as a way to preserve their food and then discovered the many health benefits of adding fermented foods to their diet.

Nutrition and digestion: In the process of fermentation, beneficial microorganisms feed on the sugars and starches, preserving the food and its nutrients, creating beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of probiotics. The food is broken into an easily digestible form with the follow on effect of being easily eliminated. Efficient elimination means your body is not storing toxins.

Immune system: Our digestive tract is the powerhouse of our immune system. About 80% of our immune response is in our gut. It is home to countless bacteria, both good and bad. These bacteria outnumber the cells in your body by at least 10 to one, and maintaining the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria forms the foundation for good health—physical, mental and emotional. Did you know your gut produces more serotonin – feel good messages – than your brain does? So what you put into your gut matters! Fermented food is an ideal vehicle to add beneficial microorganisms to your gut.

Antibiotics, alcohol, stress and poor diet choices can upset the balance. Adding a few serves of fermented food and drink to your daily diet can increase the good bacteria in your gut and normalise your blood sugar, reducing your cravings for sugar. If you’ve ever experienced the mid-afternoon munchies you know what I mean!

By Roslyn Bono


Fermented Food Workshops

Are you looking to …

  • Improve digestion?
  • Eliminate toxins?
  • Restore a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut?
  • Reduce sugar cravings?
  • Alkalize and cleanse your body?
  • Have fun?

Learn …

  • About gut flora and how important they are to your health.
  • How to use beneficial microbes to ferment fruit, vegetables, tea and dairy products.
  • How fermentation makes foods easily digestible in this hands-on workshop.
  • How to make kefir, quark, yoghurt, cultured cream, cultured butter, kombucha, Korean kimchi, Fruit’n’Nut ‘kimchi’, and tomato salsa.

When: Sat 11 January or Sat 15 March or Sat 29 March or Sat 5 April or Sat 10 May or Sat 14 June or Sat 28 June | 9.30am-12.30pm
Where: 5 Pareena Crescent, Mansfield, Brisbane.
Cost: $50, includes morning tea and workbook. (Payment secures booking)
RSVP: Roslyn Bono or 33431354.
Places limited to ensure ‘hands on’ experience.

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  4 Responses to “Fermented food for your health”

  1. 28/05/15 Just giving you a pointer to where to get the latest information about fermented food workshops. Go to
    Thank you for all your inquiries.

  2. Hi there, just wondering if you are planning on doing any more fermenting classes in the later half of this year??

    Thank you, Niki 🙂

    • Yes Nikki. The ‘Fermented fruit, vegetable, dairy and tea’ workshop is on Sat 19 July, Sat 18 Aug and Sat 27 Sept. The ‘Fermented grains, legumes and beans’ workshop is on Sat 12 July, Sat 9 Aug and Sat 13 Sept. I’m planning on running these workshops plus a third one on “Fermented jams, sauces, mashes, relishes and ice cream ‘ through from September to January 2015. I’ll post them here at Carindale Connect.

  3. Roslyn and Mario really know their stuff about food and health. I’ve met them at some local events and have seen them demo their skills.

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