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Jan 142014

vandalised trees in CarindaleYou may have already heard of this taking place but I just wanted to let you know that there are vandals prowling the streets of Carindale deliberately destroying the beautiful young jacaranda trees that the council planted throughout the streets several months ago.

I was devastated this morning when I woke up to find that all three of the trees planted in front of my home had been callously lopped and vandalised.

I gather these attacks may have been going on for some time and are random in nature but last night the culprits seemed to have put extra efforts into their activities as many of the trees around the local area were targeted and attacked.Vandalised tree in Carindale

As you can appreciate residents are very upset about this. Most of us have been very carefully nurturing the young trees during the hot weather and the council itself has been watering them.

I have provided some photos of the aftermath of the damage to our trees. I am so disappointed and discouraged that there are people around who would engage in such destructive activity.

– Marianne, Carindale resident.

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