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Apr 112014

chipsHave you ever unwrapped your fish and chips and wondered, “Hmmm, not many chips in there”? I have.
Have you ever eaten some chips, pulled a face and said, “I’m not going back there again”? And then months later forgotten which fish and chip shops you like and which you don’t? I have.

I got tired of trying to remember which of the many shops in my local area gave me good chips, bad chips, lots of chips or few chips. More importantly for me, my wife always wants a pineapple fritter with her chips, so, at great expense to my wallet and waistline, I have personally sampled an array of chips (and pineapple fritters) from some of the many fish’n’chip stores around the Carindale region in the Carindale & District Chips (& Pineapple Fritter) Challenge.

I rated the chips and pineapple fritter by my preference of taste. I also measured how many grams in each serve, the cost, and what the cost per kilogram calculates to.

I prefer normal size chips with crispy edges, not the French fries chips that have infiltrated chip shops. If you want fries, go to McDonalds.

For the pineapple fritter, my wife and I prefer it crumbed with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, and please, let us taste some pineapple!

Here’s my opinion of ten chip shops in my local area – Carindale & district. One chip shop was the winner in both categories!

Metropol Shopping Centre on the corner of Creek and Pine Mountain Roads hosts Carindale Post Office, a range of restaurants and take-aways plus TWO fish and chip shops!

Our winner of the Carindale & District Chip (& Pineapple Fritter) Challenge is Neptune’s Choice at Metropol upper, next to Blockbuster.

It serves tasty good size chips, that just seemed, well, normal! The pineapple fritter was small, but it was crumbed, perfectly cooked, and actually tasted like pineapple. The only thing missing was a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, but only one store had anything that tasted like cinnamon sugar. A serve of chips cost $2.50 for 323 grams, which works out to $7.74/kg. The pineapple fritter cost $1.50 for 53 grams ($28.30/kg).

Second place in the chips category is Feast on Fish at Metropol lower, opposite McDonalds. Metropol is spoilt for choice!
They also had normal chips, thankfully. $2.50 for 301 grams ($8.31/kg). However, although the pineapple fritter was the largest of our trial at 90 grams, it cost $2 ($22.22/kg) and it was thick, battered and bland. For such a big piece of pineapple, I wondered where the taste was. It only rated 6th, and landed in the do-not-order-again basket.

Third place is Big Jim’s down at Holland Park next to Cavendish Road Secondary School (Boundary Road & Greenmount Ave). $3 for 300 grams of softer smaller chips ($10/kg), and $1.20 for a crumbed 59 gram ($20.34/kg) pineapple Ffritter where I could actually taste pineapple! My wife was happy. This rated 2nd.

Fourth place for Chips was Snapper and Snacks at Carindale Village (cnr Scrub & Old Cleveland Roads near Salm’s Meats). $3 for a whopping 446 grams ($6.73) of light and firm Chips. This rated 3rd in the Pineapple Fritter category and was the last one where we could actually taste pineapple. But it cost a whopping $3 for a large and battered 85 grams ($35.29/kg)

Fifth place is King Salmon Seafood in Whites Hill Village, (below Grill’d). Serving a massive 525 grams of Chips for $3, making the best value at $5.71/kg. These chips headed toward the French fries style but they were nicely cooked and tasty. The pineapple fritter was, surprisingly, too hard. $1.50 for 77 grams. ($19.48/kg). As a Melbourne boy I often order a piece of flake. This was the worst flake I have ever had … ever, anywhere. It was hard, I couldn’t even cut it in half. I tossed it in the bin.

Over in Morningside is sixth placed Crustaceans Seafood. Outbound on Wynnum Road just past Barrack Road. $3 bought a measly 249 grams of thin-ish Chips making them the poorest value for money at $12.05/kg. The $1.50 pineapple fritter was 80 grams ($18.75/kg) and battered and oily. Although it rated 5th, ahead of Feast on Fish at Metropol, we could taste pineapple & a wonderful hint of cinnamon sugar we wouldn’t have it again.

We don’t have any plans to return to the remaining stores in our survey. Here they are….

Seventh place is Carina Fresh Seafoods at Chris’ IGA on Old Cleveland Road. A dark and soft chip ($3/458 grams. $6.55/kg) and a crumbed but bland pineapple fritter. We couldn’t taste any pineapple ($1.50 for a tiny 41 grams. $36.59/kg)

Eighth place is Seafood Platter down Nursery Road at Mt Gravatt East. These chips were bland, oily, soft and narrow. I didn’t measure or cost these chips. They were one of those that made me want to start a Chip Challenge!

Ninth place with a similar bland and oily description is Peter’s Seafood at Old Cleveland Road, Carina.

Finally, one of the best pineapple fritters was followed a few days later by one of the worst…at the same store! Same with the chips. What happened in the space of a few days at Cannon Hill Sea Change on the corner of Wynnum and Keats Street? Anyway, I looked up Google reviews to see what others were saying (I do take note of reviews). I saw an unfortunate review that told of management’s poor response to a cockroach crawling across the fish.

So with chips being priced between $5.71 and $12.05 per kilogram, servings between 249 grams and 525 grams and different qualities, good luck making your decision! I’m off to Neptune’s Choice at Metropol upper.

Rod Lovell

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  1. We’re with you – loyal Neptune’s Choice customers for about 8 years! 🙂

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