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May 232014

The following is a speech given by Steve Minnikin MP in State Parliament on 22nd May 2014. You can leave comments and questions at end of page.

Pacific Golf Club Carindale

Pacific Golf Club, Carindale

I rise to share with the House a true icon within the Chatsworth area—the famous Pacific Golf Club. The Pacific Golf Club has a proud history spanning almost 80 years. Initially the brainchild of Leo McIntyre and Maisie Derrick, the club began life as a modest nine-hole course located at the corner of Kessels and Logan roads in Upper Mount Gravatt. The club’s beginnings could best be described as humble. There was no fancy clubhouse or motorised buggies. Indeed, the green was cleared by hand by Leo and his faithful horse, with an old timber building on the site serving as the clubhouse. However, it had one invaluable asset—a dedicated group of people committed to bringing the vision to life. Over time the club’s popularity began to swell and, driven by the popularity of golf during the 1960s, it relocated to its present site on Pine Mountain Road in Carindale in 1964. Indeed, the golfing boom in the sixties really helped the club to gain further momentum and it has gone from strength to strength.

On the greens the club has produced a number of world-class golfers. The club’s junior division 1 Pennant Team has also dominated the competition over the past decade and remains a force to be reckoned with. In addition to its outstanding reputation on the fairways, the club is also renowned for its outstanding facilities and friendly, helpful staff. The clubhouse boasts an impressive range of function rooms and a restaurant set against the idyllic view, stretching down the fairway to the Belmont Hills nature reserve. I have had the pleasure to host many community events at the club over the past two years and can attest to the wonderful facilities, convivial atmosphere and professional staff who have contributed to the club’s reputation as an outstanding sporting and recreation facility.

However, while the full car park at 7 am attests to the club’s popularity, it has also received formal accolades acknowledging its exceptional efforts. In 2005, 2006 and 2009 the Pacific Golf Club was named the best golf club at the Clubs Queensland achievement awards—an auspicious and well deserved honour. While the club continues to excel as a commercial enterprise, we must not forget the spirit of volunteerism which the club was founded upon and which is alive and well today. Members continue to generously donate their time to assist with improvements to the clubhouse and surroundings. This is the reason the Pacific Golf Club is a true icon in the Chatsworth electorate.

I congratulate the club on reaching 50 years at its current site and commend the club’s general manager, Cameron Harvey; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Ian Gale; members of the board, both past and present; and staff and volunteers for their tireless efforts. You can have the best fairways and club facilities that money can buy, but you cannot buy club spirit. We are incredibly fortunate to have this wonderful facility in the local Chatsworth area and I am pleased to commend the work of the Pacific Golf Club to the House. Happy 50th birthday!

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