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Jun 292014

A resident has asked a local Neighbourhood Watch group to alert locals that they have reported the following suspicious activity to the police.

The activity happened in Parklane Place (opposite bushland) up from Edwards Park, Carindale.

The resident was in the bedroom and heard a vehicle pull up at about 11am. There were 3 occupants in the vehicle. Following that, the front seat passenger got out of the vehicle and walked up the side of the house.

When the resident yelled out and asked what he was doing he replied “nothing, just looking”. He then casually walked back towards the vehicle and proceeded to walk down Parklane Place towards Edwards Park. The vehicle followed him then he got in the car and they drove off.

Fortunately the resident managed to get the number plate and reported it to police.

Irene Dewsbery, the NHW area coordinator, said she was thankful to the alert resident.

“I am sure their actions avoided both a break in at their home and very likely other homes in the area.

“If you look at our break and enter stats, there are often 2 or 3 break and enters one after the other when residents are out or at work,” Mrs Dewsbery said.

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  One Response to “Suspicious activity in Parklane Place, Carindale”

  1. Very odd phone call-male saying he was from a burglar alarm site and our alarm was going off. This was not true-as I was home. When questioned male said a neighbour down the street had phoned. When questioned male knew my daughter’s name and our address. Our alarm had not been triggered. The police arrived about 20 minutes later-not called by us. They said someone phoned saying an alarm had been triggered. Very strange as no alarm triggered. Very suspicious. Madison Place, Carina

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