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Jun 302014

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Don’t wait until Summer, to try to lose those unwanted kilos …
Do it now and be ready to look and feel fantastic!

How long is it since you felt comfortable in your clothes – yes including your swimwear??

Does any of the below sound all too familiar?

  • No matter how hard you try to lose weight, it just won’t budge!!
  • Food controls you instead of you controlling your food?
  • Too busy running the kids around all day?
  • Never any time for yourself?
  • Too young to feel so old?
  • Don’t like to exercise?
  • Sick and tired of yo yo dieting?
  • Depressed because you cannot stay motivated on a diet?
  • Desperately wanting more energy?
  • Is your weight driving other health issues?
  • Back pain or another injury restricts you from exercise?

Then we definitely have the answer for you.

Our Weight Loss Success drops and dietary program is based on the program made famous by Dr Simeons some 50 years ago. However, we use a new bioenergetic formula called WLS that works as a very effective Rapid Fat Metaboliser that tricks the body to breakdown and metabolize fat cells , we combine these premium drops with the original Dr Simeons dietary system and our results are nothing short of amazing, so much so that our WLS program has been published twice in New Idea over the last 12 months.

Step Into Health Wellness Centre - CarindaleWe are a local naturopathic clinic “Step into Health Wellness Centre”, we are a family owned business and have been operating for the past 12 years at 967 Creek Rd, Carindale.

Deal for Carindale Connect readers!

If you book a weight loss appointment and mention this post from Carindale Connect we are offering a FREE 30 minute, no obligation weight loss consultation to see if one of our programs is right for you? Value $65.
Offer valid until June 30th 2015.

Phone the clinic 3398 1977 to lose those unwanted kilos today.

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