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Aug 112014

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We are your local, trustworthy computer repair and IT service business based in Coorparoo. We repair PCs, Laptops and Macs and offer a range of IT Services. We provide a professional service with a high degree of technical expertise – and do so at an affordable rate. We ensure each and every one of our customers is satisfied not only with the service we provide but also the rates that we charge. Phone 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707.

We assist home users and businesses in the Carindale, Coorparoo, Carina area etc with computer and IT problems they may be having. Whilst a substantial portion of our business is computer repair services we also offer many other IT services such as updating systems, setting up networks and building new computers to particular specifications.

Most customers prefer to drop their machines off at our place of business at 48 Octantis Street in Coorparoo; however we also offer a mobile service to customers within the Carindale area and do not charge a call out fee.

Why choose Affordable Computer Repairs and Service?
There are many very good reasons why you should choose our business to take care of your valuable laptop, computer or Mac and also with all your data, files and invaluable photos.

We are trustworthy. Please read some of the wonderful reviews our customers have written about their experience in doing business with us. The reviews are on Google+, TrueLocal and Computer Repairs Directory. Having read the reviews you will be able to put your mind at rest that you have found an IT Service and computer repair business that is 100% trustworthy.

Extended Hours
Everyone has very busy lives nowadays and so for your convenience we open for a full day on Saturday as well as Monday to Friday. Our office is open from 8am to 6pm and we are also flexible for those customers needing to drop-off, pick-up computers before or after work.

We provide expert repairs as we are very experienced and knowledgeable. Most repairs are resolved within one to two hours. To ensure that you will not have any unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill from us, we always keep our customers informed throughout the repair process; we would never purchase replacement part for your machine without your approval.

As we a local based business we don’t have the expensive advertising and running costs that the large chains do – so we can provide you with a more affordable service with the same level of expertise, if not higher. Our competitive fees are $110 an hour and we cap our fees for workshop jobs at 3 hours no matter how long we spend repairing your machine.

We know how much you rely on your PC, laptop, Mac and internet connection so do our utmost to return your machine to you fully functioning in the least possible time. Our usual turnaround is two to three days. We can in some instances complete your jobs overnight as we often work out-of-hours to repair your computer.

For mobile repairs we will arrive at the appointed time and fully prepared to solve your particular IT problem. If any workshop jobs are going to take longer than anticipated (possibly due to the need to order parts) we will always inform you of this fact as soon as possible.

Computer repairsApproachable, Knowledgeable and Friendly
As a local growing small business we value our customers and provide the unbeatable combination of expert IT knowledge together with excellent customer service skills and friendly service. We do not engage in Geek Speak and will explain to you in plain English what the fault is with your computer, what needs to be done to repair it and what the repair cost will be. As a small business you will also be dealing with the same person all through the repair task, who will know directly from you what the issues are. For particularly troublesome computers we will discuss the options you have regarding repairing or replacing your PC, laptop or Mac and the pros and cons associated with this choice.

Affordable Diagnosis Fee
If you are in two minds about repairing your computer depending on the age of your machine and the likely repair cost, we can do a diagnosis of your machine for you and provide you with an accurate fee to fix it. We only invoice you for the diagnosis fee ($75) if you then decide not to proceed with repairing your computer. The diagnosis fee covers the some of the time that we would take to investigate what the fault is, the repair cost and including the purchase price of parts if necessary. We only provide this service at our office/workshop in Coorparoo.

Here is a list of the most common IT problems that we resolve:-

  • Computers that can’t boot or fail at start-up
  • Screens or monitors that are blacked out of frozen
  • Viruses, all types of malware removal and protection
  • Poor display visibility, pixels or lines on the screen
  • Replacement of faulty or damaged hardware components
  • Recovering your data
  • Software troubles
  • Internet emergencies
  • Network that goes down
  • New PC built to your specific needs at an affordable price with quality, reliable components.

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service has been built on developing trust and customer satisfaction, contact us if you need help with repairs or IT issues and we will ensure that you too become a satisfied customer.

Phone 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707
48 Octantis Street, Coorparoo

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