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Sep 272014
Cate and Bronte Campbell with Bryce Heaton

Bryce Heaton with Cate Campbell (left) and Bronte Campbell (right)

Australian swim team champions Cate and Bronte Campbell were at Westfield Carindale on Friday to promote health and fitness, with their Commonwealth Games medals in tow.

The sisters signed autographs and spoke to fans as a part of Nestle’s Choose Wellness campaign, urging Australians to revel in healthy eating habits and exercise.

“(It’s about) encouraging people to get out, be active, be healthy, watch what you’re putting in your body… really it’s about living life to the fullest and you live life to the fullest when you’re healthy and active,” said Cate, London 2012 Olympic gold medallist and elder of the two sisters.

“It’s about having fun with it as well… you don’t have to go and do a work out at the gym and you don’t have to go for a thirty minute run,” added Bronte, who also tasted success at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this year.

“You can go and throw the ball with the dog in the park and you can go for a big long shopping spree for three hours and walk 5kms through the shopping centre.

“I think kids now are spending so much time on technology and playing video games… it’s just about getting people up and active and eating the right things and just living healthier, better lives.”

The Nestle Choose Wellness campaign is being held at six Westfield shopping centres across Australia’s east coast over the coming days, and offers shoppers free samples of everything from cereal to pet food.

The Carindale set-up also features a kids’ rock climbing wall, several expert dieticians and diabetes assessment via a finger-prick blood test conducted by Australian Diabetes Council.

The Campbell sisters also spoke about their drive to compete at the highest level, despite having to battle through long hours in the pool.

“It’s just about having fun and enjoying it which is why I do swim and why we love exercise,” said Cate.

Cate and Bronte Campbell

Cate and Bronte Campbell.

“I do frequently question my sanity!

“It’s such a big part of our daily routine, even when we’re not training on Sundays we always go out and we go for a walk.

“We’ve got the Brisbane River, we’ve got Southbank, (there are) so many great locations in and around Brisbane to go to… why be indoors when there is so much to do outdoors?”

Cate and Bronte were born in the central African nation of Malawi, and say that this has given them a great appreciation for the Australian lifestyle.

“I look around and I am so thankful that I can walk down the street and feel safe at night… that we have traffic lights that work and electricity that’s consistent!” said Cate.

“There are not enough opportunities (in Malawi) when you start growing up which is ultimately why we chose Australia.”

“Growing up in Malawi was really great fun… it’s where we first learnt to swim,” said Bronte.

“I remember being so scared of the hippos!

“The hippos are like the sharks here in Australia.”

Bryce is a lifelong Carindale resident and a QUT Journalism & Law student writing for Carindale Connect. Bryce loves sport! He played Australian football for the Carindale Cougars in primary school and for five years also worked as an umpire there. He has played for the Coorparoo Juniors and is now playing for the senior club, the Coorparoo Kings.
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