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Nov 012015

The following is a speech made in Parliament by State Member for Chatsworth Steve Minnikin.
I rise today to call on the Palaszczuk government to step up to the plate and start delivering the infrastructure our communities need. Our great state is stalling, grinding to a halt, stuck in the congestion of the Labor government’s incessant need for reviews. We are now eight months into the government’s term and we are yet to see any discernible progress. Our entire state is suffering from infrastructure paralysis, but, today, I would like to localise it to my electorate of Chatsworth.

Old Cleveland Road runs through the heart of my electorate and is a critical road transport artery. From mums and dads doing the school run, students heading to university, to the many workers who commute to the CBD, both on public transport and in private vehicles, Old Cleveland Road is important to getting them where they need to go safely and on time.


Many members would know that Old Cleveland Road either touches or impacts upon the electorates of Chatsworth, Capalaba, Greenslopes, Bulimba and right through to the Deputy Premier’s electorate of South Brisbane. If the Deputy Premier cannot upgrade a road that runs through four Labor electorates, then who can? I will tell members: the Liberal National Party.

Unlike the Labor Party, the LNP took a fully funded plan to upgrade Old Cleveland Road to the election earlier this year. The LNP had allocated $50 million to fix Old Cleveland Road. As the former assistant minister for public transport, I ask for this important project to be planned and costed. This upgrade would have potentially cut 10 minutes off the commute time for more than 54,000 cars that travel along Old Cleveland Road each and every day. But, instead, we have stalled. The Palaszczuk Labor government has no plan, no solution and no idea.

Doing nothing is not good enough for the tens of thousands of residents who commute along Old Cleveland Road. I will ask the Labor government yet again to show us the money.
Obviously as our population continues to grow, traffic congestion will only get worse. And, thanks to the Palaszczuk government, residents are now paying more in car rego fees and have growing traffic congestion to show for it. I have doorknocked residents along Old Cleveland Road around Carina and Camp Hill and there is an overwhelming consensus that this important arterial road needs upgrading as it cannot cope with the ongoing increase in vehicle movements.

We saw the diatribe infrastructure document that the Deputy Premier trotted out recently, wearing a flash pair of pink safety boots, essentially sprouting already known infrastructure projects. The Labor state government’s democratic socialist comrades running for City Hall have at least tried to come up with a bandaid solution to improving traffic flows along Old Cleveland Road. As we continue to spiral into more debt under Labor, the residents of Chatsworth do not have a glimmer of hope of receiving this vital road infrastructure upgrade that they deserve that will enable my Chatsworth community to prosper.

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