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Nov 292016

CodeCamp in Carindale this school holidays

CodeCampCode Camp has seen more than 10,000 students through their doors in Sydney and Melbourne and they’re getting ready to walk the talk in Brisbane just in time for the Summer holidays.

Co-founder and chief nerd Dan Zwolenski says learning to code is about more than becoming a developer.

“When you’re 8 years old, creating your own game is one step short of getting into Hogwarts. Code Camp allows students to be creative with technology, develop logical thinking, problem solving skills and an understanding of computational thinking,” he said.

Carindale Mum, Nicole Rose has sent her sons multiple times to CodeCamps previous classes.

“My eldest has done CodeCamp twice and my youngest once. They bot love games and being able to create their own gives them such satisfaction at the end. They’re both talking about this being something they want to do when they grow up,” she said.

“The classes are aimed at their age group and so professionally run. I especially like that they’re also taught balance and that life isn’t all behind the screen. My eldest will encourage his younger brother to get outside as he was taught you can’t be a good coder if you don’t have a life outside the screen.”

The three and four day coding camps are being held from December 5 at multiple school-based locations across Brisbane and cater to children from as young as five years old.

Code Camp runs three programs:

Little League Code Camp (Years K-1)

Code Camp Spark & Ignite (Years 2-7)

Code Camp Leap (For students who have mastered Spark & Ignite Camps)

“During the camps, as kids create and build their own game, they learn about user design and the psychology of user experience, too. These skills can be adapted to any role in any industry. The end result is an app that works on multiple devices, so every kid is walking away with their own self-created game no matter what.

“It is sort of like a big craft session watching the kids build their own game world. And it is great to watch them interact to help each other, make new friends and share in the process.”

Dan says their focus is on making the experience as fun as possible and giving the kids tangible results as soon as possible to encourage further development of their coding skills.

While parents are asked to pack a lunch for their coders-in-training, all devices and software is provided by Code Camp.

What: CodeCamp Spark Program (For children in Years 2 – 6)

When: Monday December 5, 2016 – Wednesday December 7, 2016

Where: Citipointe Christian College

Cost: Camps start from $350 for three days

Bookings: Essential, via


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